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10X Home Appliance

Service Plans

When you schedule a Clean and Maintain appointment with 10X Home Appliance, your expert appliance technician will give your kitchen or laundry appliances a detailed inspection and will clean internal components.

Your washing machine maintenance includes a detailed 18-point inspection featuring:

  • Both front load and top load washers

  • Fill cycle and temperature checks

  • Belt and motor inspections

  • Spin and agitate speed checks

  • Electrical system checks

  • Hose inspections

  • Drain checks

  • Clean and sanitize door boot

  • Run cycle with washing machine cleaner

  • And much more

Your dryer maintenance includes a detailed 13-point inspection featuring:

  • Drum seal and support checks

  • Intake and exhaust inspections

  • Electrical system inspection

  • Temperature and moisture sensor cleaning and inspection

  • Leveling

  • A thorough cleaning of the inside of the dryer and exhaust vents

  • And much more

Your refrigerator maintenance includes a detailed 9-point inspection featuring:

  • Full electrical system inspection

  • Thermostat and air damper check

  • Defrost evaporation and drain inspection

  • Level check

  • Condensor coil, drip pan and door gasket cleaning

  • And much more

Your dishwasher maintenance includes a detailed 13-point inspection featuring:

  • Pump and motor shaft inspection

  • Pump/spray arm cleaning

  • Water distribution and level check

  • Gasket and draining check

  • Full electrical system inspection

  • Clean filter and door gasket

  • And much more

Your range maintenance includes a detailed inspection featuring:

  • Inspect electrical system for proper ground and secure connections.

  • Visually check readily accessible wiring insulation for cracks and/or peeling.

  • Heat check oven controls for accurate temperatures.

  • Check oven door and door gasket for proper alignment. Make sure gasket is clean and soft.

  • Level range and make sure the anti-tip device is installed.

  • Check and adjust clock/timer as needed.

  • Test self-cleaning lock mechanism.

  • Check electronic controls to ensure proper functions.

  • Check surface/oven burners/elements.

  • Clean door gasket.

  • Clean around Burners

  • Clean / wipe down exterior of the appliance with appropriate cleaner.

Scheduling your appliance maintenance appointment annually ensures that all of your appliances in their best working order all year round, and will provide you with years of reliable service.

Please call 10X Home Appliance today to protect your home appliances today.

Clean Kitchen



Two appliances, once great price! Keep your laundry spinning with cleaning and maintenance for your washer and dryer. We'll inspect both for proper functioning, wear and tear, excess noise, water and gas leaks, and clean internal components.

Washer & Dryer



Three appliances, one great price! Keep your kitchen humming with cleaning and maintenance for your refrigerator, dishwasher and range. We'll check all three for proper functioning, wear and tear, water and gas leaks and clean internal components.

Modern Stainless Steel Kitchen



Five appliances, one great price! Includes maintenance and cleaning for three kitchen appliances and two laundry appliances. Count on the Sears appliance experts to keep your appliances running safely and efficiently.

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